Most Haunted Locations...

Top Five Most Haunted in Missouri

1. Lemp Mansion- St. Louis
2. Belvoir Winery- Liberty
3. Elms Hotel- Excelsior Springs
4. Prosperity School- Joplin
5. Union Station- Kansas City

Top Five Most Haunted in Kansas


1. Holton House- Holton
2. Old Cowtown Museum- Wichita
3. Brown Grand Opera House- Concordia
4. Ward Mead Mansion- Topeka
5. Eldridge Hotel- Lawrence

#1 Lemp Mansion- St. Louis

The Lemp Mansion, a former brewery in St. Louis, is well-known by ghost enthusiasts as an extremely haunted building. Built in the 1860's, the mansion has seen its share of tragedies, including death by suicide. Nick Spantgos, co-founder of Paranormal Research Investigators (PRI), recorded an impressive amount of evidence at the location.
"We documented strange environmental changes and recorded unusual noises in the attic and closet," explained Spantgos, "the most interesting activity was a fan that moved without reason or explanation.”
Other investigators have confirmed paranormal activity, enough so that the owners now offer ghost tours of the building.

#1 Holton House- Holton

The Holton House is one of 48 locations that was investigated by Paranormal Research Investigators and ghost tour staff. Formerly a mortuary, the Holton House in Holton provides a rich environment for paranormal investigators.
"We were running a FLIR thermal sweep when we saw a profile on the screen walk through a closed door," explained Nick Spantgos, Co-Founder of Paranormal Reserach Investigators, "It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen.”
Along with personal experiences, disembodied voices and EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) it is easy to see why the Holton house is labeled as the most haunted location