About the Independence, MO GHOST TOUR...

Welcome to Ghost Tours, a subsidiary of Paranormal Adventures USA, LLC.  
Research for the Independence, MO ghost tour was conducted by the tour guide and owner, Carla Cole. The information provided is approximately 25% history, and 75% ghost stories. Only private tours are available, which will allow you to ask questions, share stories, and have a great time with just the people you bring in your group.
The tour includes walking about 15 minutes down one block, then riding in the car of the guide. The entire trip lasts well over 2 ½ hours. We’ll get out of the car at Vaile Mansion, and walk around the outside to better experience the atmosphere around this home, and give you a chance to stretch your legs a bit.
It’s surprising how many people have ghost experiences while on the tour, including seeing orbs, dark shadows, being touched, and once even shoved down some steps. We’ll be delighted to share some of those experiences with you. We highly recommend you bring your camera and your open-mindedness. 
Also, new stories are being revealed about the Vail Mansion and other buildings that you’ll want to hear. 
Please join us for a fun filled evening learning more about the spiritual world around us.

Private Tours only.  ($25 per person) 
Please contact Carla at
816-589-8502 to schedule a tour.